Gums is a term used for soft pink tissues covering the  roots of teeth and the bone close to it. They are a group of tissues supporting and holding teeth in the alveolar bone.

They are fragile and very vascular tissues.

Diseases of gums are mainly due to neglecting oral hygiene.

Plaque is a natural deposit on teeth which is derived from saliva. Deposition of plaque depends on consistency of saliva, shape and surface texture of teeth and oral hygiene methods.

If plaque is allowed to remain on tooth surface for lonf tiome it sticks to surface .and accumulates bacteria.

This ultimately leads to infection to gums and pera dental tissues.

Grossly neglected, this situation leads to deposition of hard substance called Calculus, bleeding from gums and foul smell. This is known as Pyorria

Pyorria is a common condition found in about 50-60% of Indian population. Severe cases lead to loosening of teeth and breakdown of functions of mouth.

The dentist uses a device with ultrasonic vibration to remove deposits from the tooth surface. This device gently cleans teeth without damaging any tissue.

It is recommended to get scaling anf polishing done every 6 months to ensure healthy gums and teeth.