Fixed prosthesis

This is a popular option for replacement of missing teeth. As the bridge is fixed on adjacent teeth and cemented with a dental cement.

The bridge assembly functions very well as a unit and most of the time it is difficult to differentiate this from the original.

However, the supporting teeth have to be prepared for bridge . I e the emanel on the supporting teeth is removed  so utmost care isa required to keep such teeth cleaned.

Many materials are used for making bridge,

Base metal alloys of cr & Co :Replacing the teeth by means of fixedprosthesis probably started with metals. Chromium and Cobalt alloys are used here for the purpose.

Ceramic/Porcelain fused to metal (PFM):  Layers of ceramics are added on base metal to make it look and function like a tooth. This type of crowns looks very much like a tooth if made properly. However, because of the metal base, a thin blackish line appears at the gums of these crowns over a period of time. This gives the crown rather an unsightly appearance.

Ceramic fused to titanium (Tilite): As we know, Titanium is very issue friendly metal, accepted by the body very well.

Titanium has great strength so in thin layers it provides adequate strength. As a result, the crowns made of ceramics fused to titanium have dual advantage of being lightweight and matching the tooth superbly.

Zirconium and its varieties: This is comparatively new material with excellent compressive strength and beautiful esthetics. The crowns and Bridges are made with fully automated  CAD CAM technique .

The crowns look just like normal tooth and function the same way too.