Minor Oral Surgery


A lot has changed with the way we eat our food.

Most of us don’t have time to eat and chew food properly. Our minds are occupied somewhere .

The softer variety of foods are more demanded.

Asa result, jaws and teeth are not getting enough excersice for developing.

Most of the time there is less or no space for the last molar tooth to erupt.

This molar is called the wisdom tooth. It erupts after the age if 18, when most of the growth is over.

Since there is less space this tooth becomes locked in bone or erupts partially causing recurrent infections and pain. It then requires to be removed. And since it is locked in the bone, tissues and bone surrounding such tooth are separated surgically . The tooth is extracted then.This surgery is routinely done under local Anaesthesia and lasts for 30 min.to 1 hour.