Gum Problem Causes

Healthy gums stay firm and are pink in color. Therefore, if you find your gums are facing redness and swelling conditions, it is an indication that you have gum related problems. There are many causes of inflamed gums, so it is essential to know what causes gingivitis and carry out effective gum disease treatment.

Gingivitis is a symptom of periodontal disorder, albeit it can also be affected due to gum retraction due to aging, which also results in a toothache. This difficulty can act on anyone, especially those people in their 30s and 50s. The pain may be followed later by bad breath, sensitivity to cold or high temperature, bleeding gums, loose teeth, and redness of gums.

Periodontal condition is the outcome of an infection process caused by bacteria entering the mouth, which leads to gum infection and swelling. If left untreated, the disease develops as an inflammation of the gums, which moves around the teeth, then retracts and forms a pocket under the infected gum line (periodontitis), further destroying the connective tissue holding tooth in place by loosening it. If this keeps going on, it will affect the bones of the implanted teeth, and eventually, the affected tooth will fall out.

Nevertheless, the periodontal disorder can be willingly restricted only by cultivating proper oral hygiene, which can remove plaque bacteria, or by cleaning teeth twice a year at a dental clinic, and if tartar forms below the gum line.

Besides, regular inspection with a dentist will help it to be discovered at an early stage, which will improve the chances of teeth being protected or saving the affected one by the infection. In any event, it is crucial that whenever your gums feel pain, you should go to the dentist’s office and wait for it to be fixed instead of trying to fight it with painkillers or other home remedies.

Gum Infection

If the gums begin to bleed, we may presume to have a gum problem issue, although this is certainly not a definite indication. Periodontists consider other factors, such as gum redness, the presence of pus, and poor taste in the mouth.

Receding gums and visible gaps between teeth are also obvious signs of periodontal disease and tooth gum infection. Also, look out for teeth gum problem warnings if they display sensitivity towards the cold food.

Unhealthy Gums Signs

When we speak about gum disease, we usually think of gingivitis and periodontitis. It is not unusual, as these conditions are one of the most common terms understood in the adult community worldwide. The leading traits of gingivitis are bleeding, gum swollen around tooth, or gum soreness. Besides, a person may have bad or a foul breath as a result of the bacteria buildup in periodontal tissue. Gingivitis can be healed with proper holistic hygiene procedures; as otherwise, the condition may advance further, causing pyorrhea.

When a patient has periodontitis, it is essential to visit the dental clinic for a tooth cleaning or a routine checkup. This periodontal treatment helps in cleaning or removing the tartar that enters inside the gums, further impairing the teeth root.

The initial symptoms and indications that arise in your unhealthy gums are:

  • Bleeding during teeth brushing.
  • Gum swelling, redness, and inflammation.

As the complication amplifies, other symptoms can be identified, such as:

  • Retraction of gums (longer visible teeth)
  • Pus occupancy
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth mobility and separation
  • Gum and teeth sensitivity while drink consumption and eating cold or refrigerated foods.
  • Gum soreness.

Reason for Gum Bleeding

Bleeding from the gums can occur for many reasons, but the most common causes of gum bleeding are inadequate dental hygiene practices causing tartar accumulation or improper brushing methods without proper dental flossing. Besides, consuming tobacco, in addition to poor oral hygiene, increases the risk of gum disease advancement. Gingival bleeding is uncommon and should be the reason to see a dentist for commencing periodontal treatment. At Vyom Orthodontics & Dental Care in Paldi, Ahmedabad, we specialize in gum disease treatment for tooth gum pain and prevention.

Getting rid of gum infection

It should be learned that if the inflammation of the gums eventually begins affecting the rest of the periodontal tissue, it can result in the loss of dental pieces as they are the ones responsible for holding them.

Hence it is crucial to take prompt action and implement preventive treatments to limit mild gingivitis from complicating and inducing severe consequences for oral health, such as the disappearance of some teeth.

Regaining healthy gums

Healthy gums are essential for maintaining good dental health, and it can be accomplished by following proper oral health procedures.

STEP 1 – Brush your teeth at least two minutes twice a day with a short-headed brush having smooth rounded bristles. It demands toothpaste containing fluoride daily to physically eliminate bacterial plaques at the junctions of gums and teeth, which assists in maintaining a good seal. If used twice a day, it is four times more effective than a regular toothpaste, reducing the accumulation of bacteria, which is one of the causes and reason of swollen gum pain and bleeding.

STEP 2 – Use dental floss to remove plaque from tough to reach areas such as in between the teeth. Ensure to use floss with care, as it may harm the gums

STEP 3 – Visit the dentist routinely for inspection. As a professional, they can detect gum issues before you see the signs. Dentists may also perform teeth cleaning procedures to eliminate more complex and stubborn bacterial plaques residuals (counts), thereby preventing the formation of unwanted gum disease and relieving gum pain.

Follow these three measures to stay away from gum disorder while keeping your gums strong and healthy.

Gingival bleeding needs personal care to identify its cause carefully and carrying out the most suitable treatment. We will examine your condition and be able to suggest the most appropriate treatment for your gums.

At Vyom Orthodontics & dental care, we are the experts in periodontal & gum care disease treatment, providing the highest quality and professional treatment solutions. Contact us to learn more about our services.