Growth Modifications


Have you come across a mother concerned about her son not gaining height like his other classmates ? Or may be a daughter who is getting taller unusually?

You also must have met parents fussing about their childrens’ teeth not erupting in time.

The answer is an obvious YES-Many times,

So my next question to them is- But have you come across parents  complaining about a very small or large lower jaw? Well very very few parents notice this even in their own children.

Just like you tell a child to exercise, jump and skip to gain height, thejaws also need some stretching to gain proper size.

The Orthodontists call it Growth modification or Functional Jaw Orthopedics.

A special device is prepared to fit a child’s jaws. Orthodontist decides the timing and method of wearing the device to get the jaws to grow in a favourable condition.

Since we try to bring about changes in size and shape of jaws, this treatment is best carried out during when the child is growing fast.

This time period is 10-12 years in girls and 12-16 in boys.

Orthodontist examines specific X-rays to determine the favourable age for the treatment.

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Case study of a patient who has successfully carried out growth modification procdure at Vyom - the best dental clinic in ahmedabad.