Removable prosthesis

(a)Removable dentures:

We all have seen our grandparents wearing their dentures.

If all teeth are lost, dentures are prepared with great precision. These dentures are of Acrylic resin generally. And they fit on the tissues covering bony parts of Upper and lower jaw.

(b) Removable partial dentures:

If some teeth and not all are lost they can be replaced by denture similar to a full acrylic denture. This type is also supported on tissues, However, chewing with this type of denture is not very efficient. Because these acrylic teeth are working together with permanent real teeth.

The forces of chewing are not balanced.

(c) Cast Partial Denture.

A more accepted option of acrylic Removable dentures can be a Cast Partial Denture.

Meaning, a metal denture which is supported by tissues as well as teeth. They are quite lightweight.

Since teeth are hard and strong support, this type of dentures is more efficient for chewing. The sensation of cold and hot food also can be felt through the palatal part of a denture.