Orthodontic surgery

When we look at a face we notice the discrepancy in all 3 planes of space.

Most of the noticeable problems in facial proportion are in the lower face  which we try and correct with the help of braces.

What  if the problem is beyond the scope of braces ?

What if the problem is of very large or very small jaws?

Can braces be enough to treat large deformities in the jaw bones?

Well, the answer is  a treatment called Orthognathic Surgery .

This treatment includes arrangement of teeth in proper position on their respective jaw bases and then correcting the jaws surgically. Orthodontist carries out this treatment with the help of experienced Maxillo facial Surgeon.

After correcting the irregularities in teeth position, extensive measurements of face are registered to assess most appropriate position of jaws; the jaws are cut open and their size, shape etc are altered.

Sometimes minor corrections in the adjusting   tissues like lips and nose also are carried out to improve esthetic.

Though it is a major surgery, it can be performed quite efficiently and precisely if the treatment planning is done meticulously.

There is a drastic , pleasant change in the face after this procedure.

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