FAQs on Teeth Whitening

Q : What is Teeth whitening and how will it affect me?

Teeth whitening is nowadays a common practice and forms a major part of smile makeover procedures. More and more people are now finding how important a smile is and what can a perfect confident smile can bring. Hence they want no stone upturned in making their teeth look gorgeous.
Teeth whitening is a recommended treatment, since it helps to whiten the teeth significantly by 5 – 8 shades, depending upon the basic colour of the teeth. The whitened teeth retain their shade for long periods of time, produce an even, uniform and consistent whitening over all the teeth, and all that is done in a very easy, patient friendly, short and pain free procedure.

Q : Is this procedure really necessary and useful?

Teeth whitening is gaining more and more popularity today, from celebrities to sport-stars and internet sensations to our neighborhood teens. This is also important because people are beginning to understand that, slowly and gradually. Our daily eating habits, food choices are making our smile and teeth less exuberant. Tea, coffee., sugary drinks, wines, tobacco products all contain colouring pigments called chromogens, which stick to our outer hard layer of teeth known as Enamel and stains it yellowish. Natural ageing also impacts the layer of enamel and reduces it due to wear and tear showing a yellowish inner layer known as Dentin. Certain medicines and also stress are proven to increase darkening of teeth.

Q : How do dentists do it? Can it be done at home in less time?

Teeth whitening can be done by number of process, most of them include application of a gel or a paste and then activating it by heat, light or UV rays.
The laser processes are done only in the dentist’s clinic since it involves special techniques and equipment, and also needs high caution since, gums, lips are required to be protected against the laser rays. Rest, UV and heating procedure is also available in simple wearable technology, to be done at home by an individual.
A typical session requires the application of bleach or gel or paste on the patient’s teeth for 20 to 30 minutes and then heat or light treatment for 10 minutes or so. Depending upon the severity of darkening, three to four of these sessions can be recommended in a single visit. People with high paleness or darkening in their teeth may also require more number of visits to the dentist’s clinic.

Q : Is this permanent or do I need to care more?

The longevity of the teeth whitening procedure also varies from individual to individual. It depends upon the care impended, and also on general oral healthcare and hygiene of the patient. Regular uses of colouring foods, tea, coffee etc may again tarnish the whitening and darken the teeth in a comparatively shorter period of time.

Q : How costly is it?

Teeth whitening procedures, due to becoming a treatment for the masses has also been made accessible and reasonable in terms of cost. A general procedure in India will cost around 10,000 for the complete process making it worth every shot! Depends up on the treatments, but sometimes you will feel lucky by getting the best offers from best dental clinic in the town. At Vyom, You will get attractive smile makeover packages starting just from Rs. 2500.00. Hurry! Limited time offer only.

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