Adult Orthodontic treatments in Ahmedabad

People of any age can undergo orthodontic treatment. Therefore, adults can rearrange and align their teeth like children and adolescents. Nowadays, as several adult patients require orthodontic treatment, it is not hard to guess why. For adult orthodontic treatments in Ahmedabad, braces have been developed that are almost invisible, providing a more considerate alternative for grown-ups. Adults also find that investing in a new smile can have enormous social and professional gains. Straightening teeth during the renewal process can be an essential part of raising self-esteem and morale.

Healthy teeth can shift at any age, so you will never be too old not to wear braces. However, adult treatment differs in two significant ways: Firstly, the adult jawbone has completed growth and development; therefore, the use of orthodontic accessories cannot elicit structural changes of the jaw bone.

Secondly, periodontal/gum disease is more common in grown-ups compared to the children. During the use of braces, the moderate force will act on the teeth so that they pivot around the bones enclosing the teeth. Periodontal wellness performs a leading role in all these aspects. If the gums are weak while undergoing the treatment, there are chances of bone loss, and the risk of prolonged tooth deterioration may increase. Hence, all gum related complications must be checked before undertaking the orthodontic treatment. For managing periodontal health, you need to ensure routine professional cleaning during orthodontic treatment and maintain decent oral hygiene at home.

Treatment Prerequisites

In order to carry out successful orthodontic treatment, whether, in a child or an adult, a clean and healthy mouth is a prime necessity.  Practicing proper brushing methods is also essential for any orthodontal treatment. Dental examination should be done before treatment begins to ensure there are no decays, gingivitis, or loosened teeth. Or else, these diseases should be reviewed before commencing the dental procedures.

Adult treatment techniques

In adults, you can use a metal or transparent bracket (Invisalign) glued together to the teeth and connected by the orthodontic arch through which the teeth are shifted. For making the treatment safer, special procedures can be employed, such as pasting the support brackets to the inner surface of the teeth, adjusting transparent aligners, etc. In an adult with a dental bridge connecting multiple teeth, an area the size of this sector cannot be moved until the dental bridge is cut. Teeth on the implant are also improbable to move. To deal with the most severe cases, surgical techniques may be combined with treatment to revive the jaw’s correct position.

Mini-screws and mini-implants

In some cases, for ease of treatment, small screws or implants may be placed to use a sturdier fixture for moving the teeth more efficiently. At the end of treatment, these small screws or mini implants are removed.

Adult orthodontic treatment benefits

In adulthood, grown-ups who consult orthodontists to transform their teeth do so for cosmetic purposes. At any period, enhancing a smile is a problem. If the aesthetic purpose is imminent, then it is crucial to determine the appropriate function of the teeth unit: evenly adjusted teeth help brush your teeth better, thus restricting the formation of tartar and cavities in the teeth.

In brief, through summarization, we can discover the adult orthodontic treatment advantages as follows:

  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Get the smile on your face you’ve always desired
  • Improves bite, chews while eating, and fewer tooth deterioration
  • Helps preserve oral health and avoid tooth decay, gingivitis or periodontitis
  • There is no loss of aesthetics during treatment as discreet orthodontic treatment solutions for adults are also available making it less noticeable
  • Orthodontic treatment for adults offers various options as per the prices.

Today, the field of orthodontics has significantly advanced, offering many features and benefits. But most importantly, it provides highly competent outcomes.

Thus, if you are deciding the opportunity of considering orthodontic treatment, with the help of our consultation, you will know which is best for you and how long it will take to transform your look. Every teeth alignment and bite difficulties have an answer. After treatment, you will find that your quality of life has vastly improved.

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Dental Aesthetic Specialist in Ahmedabad

Possessing a sparkling smile can provide us high assurance in our social as well as professional world. Dental cosmetic treatments aid us in accomplishing this. Additionally, maintaining a well-balanced smile on your face means that all teeth are in good shape and great functionality. These factors help improve more conforming teeth and personal health. Today, the most common problems faced in terms of dental aesthetics are tooth decay, gum problems, dental blockages, complete or partial scarring of tooth fragments, and tooth stains. At Vyom Orthodontics & Dental Care, ​​we have dental aesthetic specialist in Ahmedabad who will personally evaluate your condition to implement appropriate dental grooming procedures.

What is the smile design?

The design of an attractive smile means studying the aesthetics of teeth, gums, and oral cavity, according to each individual’s qualities. It aims to enhance the size, position, form and colour of the teeth and assure that the correlation between teeth, gums and other facial elements such as the chin and nose remains cordial and proportionate. For undertaking this treatment, a photograph and smile design software is utilised to conduct extensive pre-study of the specific characteristics of the patient for later determining the results achieved. To fix the existing dissent with the teeth, the dentist will employ certain practices, such as installing a porcelain veneer on its surface. At another occasion, you can choose to whiten teeth, but this is usually not sufficient. Smile Design goes considerably one step further, incorporating orthodontal treatments and procedures intended at bettering the looks of the gums as well as teeth. Patients should recognise that smile design outcomes are not at once. However, the good news is  this process will last for a significant amount of time. Depending on the complexity of the condition, it may take longer. In either situation, you should also know that if you rely on highly experienced and qualified professionals like Dr Kalyani Trivedi, the result will be worthwhile and you will notice it’s remarkable difference whenever you smile.


  • Invisible / invisible braces: With the invisible treatment, we can fix the wrong location of one or more teeth, thereby achieving a steady and harmonious dental alignment.
  • Lingual aesthetics: It also enables us to correct certain dental problems using technology that is less noticeable on the face than the traditional braces. They are more or less the traditional metal braces, but their placement inside the teeth makes them almost invisible in the front.
  • Porcelain braces: Corrects the teeth’s condition with brackets of the identical color as the teeth, so they are not visible.
  • Dental veneer: Dental veneers are designed to correct minor aesthetic defects in some dental pieces.
  • Crown: an arrangement that enhances the people’s smile
  • Whitening of teeth: Among other reasons, a treatment method ensuring the return of the teeth to their original white color.

INVASIVE TECHNIQUES in Aesthetic Treatments

The aesthetic treatment provided by our dental clinic in Ahmedabad ensures the best outcomes in improving the appearance of teeth without harming your dental health. The use of non-invasive technology assures a stunning and, in particular, a healthful smile, which will help you feel secure while smiling.


Undeniably it is one of the foremost treatments of dental aesthetics. Due to smoking or excessive drinking of certain beverages (such as coffee or wine), several people have lost the original white shade of their teeth. That leads the teeth to reveal stains, presenting them with an embarrassing look. The teeth whitening treatment can be painless and restore the original appearance of teeth at a time. Subsequently, the patient should take care of this white tone by maintaining adequate hygiene.

Do you require a dental aesthetic treatment?

With the most advanced dental aesthetic techniques, you can wear the best smile beforehand. At Vyom Dental Care – Paldi, ​​we serve our patients with the best technology and expert professionals to provide you with the best smile design, always considering your oral health and minimal intervention in priority.

More and more individuals worry about the health of their teeth, mouth and their smile. That is the role of dental aesthetics. Apart from keeping our mouth healthy, it also helps to give us an attractive appearance. To that end, our dental clinic in Ahmedabad implements the modern technologies to assure that the results are according to the preferences of our patients. If you require further information about our treatment procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to help transform your smile.

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Choosing the best dentist in Ahmedabad

Healthy people possess good oral form. Dental care is imperative for a wholesome lifestyle and so choosing the best dentist in Ahmedabad is extremely important. The patients of our dental hospital prefer our dental experts in Ahmedabad so that their teeth remain in good condition.

Quality Treatment with Personalized Care

At Vyom Orthodontics & Dental Care, we offer comprehensive dental care solutions. Besides, we hold adequate professional and most reliable technical teams to provide extensive quality dental treatment for your teeth and oral cavity. We serve equipped dental authorities for our patients in all dental areas ranging from orthodontics to root canal and gum care treatments.

Another significant characteristic of Vyom Dental Care is that we provide a unique personalized approach for each diagnostic and patient. Our experts will evaluate your teeth and gum related problems, and develop a work process that suits your treatment, further ensuring your oral aesthetics restoration in the most optimum way.

Dental Health Wellbeing

At our dental clinic in Paldi, Ahmedabad, ​​we are blessed with skilled dental health prevention experts who will guide on the risks related to your teeth and inform you of suitable countering plans. Additionally, they will assemble a professional tooth cleansing program that limits your plague accumulation, which has a very adverse effect on dental health. Maintaining good oral hygiene wellbeing at home and practicing other expert recommendations can help us keep our teeth in top condition.

Orthodontic Solutions for Adults

For improving functionality and aesthetics, adults should also choose to fix the alignment of their teeth. At Vyom Orthodontics & Dental care, ​​you will find the best dentists who will evaluate your prevailing dental situation and determine the most appropriate orthodontic treatment solutions for your case.

Dental Implant Solutions

If you have experienced tooth decay or loss, you will be aware of the aesthetic and functional challenges it presents in front of you. Dental implants are the best dental restoration program ensuring a high level of success. At Vyom, we serve you with the best implant specialists so that you can exhibit a perfect smile.

How to find a dental surgeon in Ahmedabad?

If you require to find a top-rated and highly experienced dentist in Ahmedabad, then you should first verify their skills and background. Accessibility, paying attention to the patients, and easing their stress are a few essential factors that a dentist should incorporate for making their patient’s dental visit memorable. Dr. Kalyani Trivedi’s office is located close by to Mahalaxmi Crossroads Paldi, Ahmedabad.

Available appointments include dental counselling, teeth cleaning, Invisalign, and orthodontic treatments. (Check out here to learn more about our services). In case of emergency, you can contact Vyom Orthodontics & dental care by calling our dental clinic. You can also use the contact form to fulfil all your specific needs or suggestions. According to your provided selections, you will be presented with a personalized response via email or phone.

Available dental equipment in the clinic

At Vyom, we offer effective dental assistance in a modern environment equipped with leading tools and facilities. Advanced technological devices can help diagnose and carry out the rewarding treatments in all dental operations and fields. A best dentist in Ahmedabad must adequately learn and study all these innovations to enhance patient care and comfort during treatment. The clinic also has an adequate internal disinfection ward to ensure complete disinfection. Our specialists in each medical field form a comprehensive team, so that we can work with a multi-disciplinary team to resolve each case.

Our Dental prevention philosophy

We work with patients with the concept of prevention-based dental care. At Vyom, our principal goal is to assure that our patients do not suffer serious dental problems. With the help of routine inspections, an excellent dental maintenance culture, and simple & inexpensive numbers of preventive treatments we try to maintain those values. We enjoy the philosophy of work and mutual relationships with our patients, which influences them for many generations. Our Dentistry in Ahmedabad aims for a professional and user-friendly treatment plan.

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When to see an emergency dentist in Ahmedabad

Do you have teeth or gum injuries? You are out of ideas and not sure about what to do next? A lot of patients visiting dental clinic in Ahmedabad are uncertain when to see an emergency dentist while they experience discomfort or relentless pain to receive proper dental treatment. In reality, many individuals only prefer going to the dental clinic only if they experience severe oral pain. As a reason, we find the problem to be very annoying, and speculate that we require urgent dental assistance. At Vyom Orthodontics & Dental Care – Ahmedabad, ​​we can provide you with the dental care necessary to solve any urgent problem.

Above and over the pain

We all know that inflammation and soreness are a few visible indications displaying that something in the mouth is not serving us well, which prompts us to take quick action and require an emergency visit to the dentistry. Despite how we feel about the pain, it is crucial to realize that it is not that only after seeing the obvious signs, we need emergency dental care in Ahmedabad. In fact, any dental well-being obstacles that prevent us from continuing a healthy life, we need to see a dentist very shortly.

Causes to go to the emergency dentist in Ahmedabad

Few of the purposes of visiting the dental clinic in an emergency are:

  • Swelling and infection of gums and teeth
  • Toothache and inflammation
  • Teeth and gum bleeding
  • Stress that can cause teeth to fall or break
  • Jaw fracture
  • Dissimilarity or breakdown of orthodontic devices

Key reasons for visiting an emergency dentist in Ahmedabad

There are many kinds of dental emergencies in Ahmedabad. Pain and discomfort are the most common causes because it quickly becomes unbearable for individuals. Using painkillers can momentarily relieve pain, but if the teeth begin to ache, the situation will only worsen. An untreated cavity usually causes discomfort and pain. If you are worried about pain during dental care, then this concern of fear is entirely unwanted, because Dr Kalyani Trivedi and her expert team will do everything possible to serve you with the highest comfort. It is essential to handle the situation of discomfort and pain so that the condition does not worsen excessively. If you are going through dental treatment and have a bacterial illness or allergy, you will need to discuss with the dentist that you have an emergency condition so that they can personalize their care to your needs.

Other reasons to see an emergency dentist in Ahmedabad

A dental emergency in Ahmedabad can also arise due to stress-related problems. Teeth may break due to trauma or ordeal. Loose crowns or detached bridges can cause challenging times for you to talk or consume meals. Residing components can also harm the tongue, cheeks, and gums, which immediately get very uncomfortable. In all situations, it is very crucial to seek Vyom’s emergency dental care services. Some patients are concerned with a toothache and are afraid of counselling because they worry that their teeth will be uprooted and extracted out right away. That is not the fact, as a dental cavity can be handled in many ways without undergoing tooth removal. In the event of severe soreness, antibiotic medication is usually prescribed before preparation for the treatment.

Things to consider before visiting an emergency dental clinic

While deciding to attend the emergency dentist, we must take some necessary and upfront steps that make us feel more comfortable and prevent the problem from getting worse before reaching the clinic.

In the bleeding scenario, it is crucial to maintain the strict hygiene of the injured section.

If there is swelling, observing hot and cold alternative pressings, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory medications will be helpful.

In case of problems with implants or orthodontic devices, it is vital to remove the separated or broken parts and cover some possible broken wires with a cotton cloth.

In any circumstance, it is necessary to learn that taking good care of our dental well-being and regular visits to the dentist in Ahmedabad for the examination will help us avoid diseases that eventually cause severe discomfort and lead us to the emergency dental visits. Dental emergencies always demand quick treatment. Thus, for any consideration of an emergency dentist in Ahmedabad, you can contact Vyom Orthodontics & dental care – Paldi over the phone or by clicking here.

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Effects of stress on dental health

How stress affects oral health?

One of the most apparent aftermaths of stress on dental health is tooth crushing, which can occur at any given time of the day. That will not only harm your teeth but also degrade your chin and can induce neck soreness and headaches. As per the dentist in Ahmedabad, it should be recognized that stress can also indirectly affect oral health and hygiene. In times of stress, several individuals feel devastated and attempt to lessen their mental burden. As a result, they begin neglecting to brush and floss their teeth, further hampering their dental appointment. Also, many times stress impacts on food quality negatively. We unnecessary fall for bad habits such as opting for junk food instead of cooking balanced meals. Even though sometimes it is difficult to get out of your comfort zone by eating fresh & healthy, it is still important to safeguard your oral as well as overall health.


Bruxism is the practice of drawing together teeth before they begin to grind. Habitually, this is our natural bodily response to counter the daily stress. Also, remember that it usually occurs at night, and thus, it is tough for us to realize that we have this disease. Principle signs of bruxism include headache, jaw as well as ear discomfort, and small cracks in teeth due to excessive pressure. The employment of splints is the best way to sidestep difficulties related to bruxism. However, it is necessary to decrease the tension that causes bruxism.

Sore mouth and ulcers

Numerous researches have confirmed the association between oral ulcer onset and unnecessary stress. Stress and anxiety will reduce defence capacity, which is necessary to promote the presence of these stimuli in the mouth. At Vyom Orthodontics & Dental Care – Ahmedabad, we specialize in looking after your oral well-being.

Periodontal Disorder

Several patients with the periodontal disorder also undergo stress, which eventually leads to emergence of bacterial germ inflammations such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the most moderate stage of periodontal ailment. It is characterized by traits such as swelling and bleeding gums. It can be handled and restricted in the further formation of periodontitis. At the same time, periodontitis is the most advanced sign for periodontal infection. It can lead to poor breath and mobility of teeth and eventually heading towards teeth damage. At Vyom, we provide the highest quality and professional dental health treatments. Contact us for more details. At our dental clinic in Ahmedabad, ​​we can assist you in taking care of your oral form and wellness. Our expert Ahmedabad dentist will take care of your oral disease.

How can a dentist in Ahmedabad help me?

An appointment with our dental care clinic can help you manage oral regimen during your stress time. Besides cleansing your dental teeth, the dentist will examine you if you have any specific complications, for instance teeth pain, jaw or joint discomfort. They will also conduct extensive inspections to verify whether your teeth are damaged or impaired. To learn more about us please click here.

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FAQs on Teeth Whitening

Q : What is Teeth whitening and how will it affect me?

Teeth whitening is nowadays a common practice and forms a major part of smile makeover procedures. More and more people are now finding how important a smile is and what can a perfect confident smile can bring. Hence they want no stone upturned in making their teeth look gorgeous.
Teeth whitening is a recommended treatment, since it helps to whiten the teeth significantly by 5 – 8 shades, depending upon the basic colour of the teeth. The whitened teeth retain their shade for long periods of time, produce an even, uniform and consistent whitening over all the teeth, and all that is done in a very easy, patient friendly, short and pain free procedure.

Q : Is this procedure really necessary and useful?

Teeth whitening is gaining more and more popularity today, from celebrities to sport-stars and internet sensations to our neighborhood teens. This is also important because people are beginning to understand that, slowly and gradually. Our daily eating habits, food choices are making our smile and teeth less exuberant. Tea, coffee., sugary drinks, wines, tobacco products all contain colouring pigments called chromogens, which stick to our outer hard layer of teeth known as Enamel and stains it yellowish. Natural ageing also impacts the layer of enamel and reduces it due to wear and tear showing a yellowish inner layer known as Dentin. Certain medicines and also stress are proven to increase darkening of teeth.

Q : How do dentists do it? Can it be done at home in less time?

Teeth whitening can be done by number of process, most of them include application of a gel or a paste and then activating it by heat, light or UV rays.
The laser processes are done only in the dentist’s clinic since it involves special techniques and equipment, and also needs high caution since, gums, lips are required to be protected against the laser rays. Rest, UV and heating procedure is also available in simple wearable technology, to be done at home by an individual.
A typical session requires the application of bleach or gel or paste on the patient’s teeth for 20 to 30 minutes and then heat or light treatment for 10 minutes or so. Depending upon the severity of darkening, three to four of these sessions can be recommended in a single visit. People with high paleness or darkening in their teeth may also require more number of visits to the dentist’s clinic.

Q : Is this permanent or do I need to care more?

The longevity of the teeth whitening procedure also varies from individual to individual. It depends upon the care impended, and also on general oral healthcare and hygiene of the patient. Regular uses of colouring foods, tea, coffee etc may again tarnish the whitening and darken the teeth in a comparatively shorter period of time.

Q : How costly is it?

Teeth whitening procedures, due to becoming a treatment for the masses has also been made accessible and reasonable in terms of cost. A general procedure in India will cost around 10,000 for the complete process making it worth every shot! Depends up on the treatments, but sometimes you will feel lucky by getting the best offers from best dental clinic in the town. At Vyom, You will get attractive smile makeover packages starting just from Rs. 2500.00. Hurry! Limited time offer only.

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In this second part you will gain insight about braces for kids and adults as well as their duration, process and working.

Mentioned down below is advantages of braces followed by the cleaning method for teeth while wearing them.

We have also listed different types of retainers available and the purpose behind wearing them after the braces.

Learn more about whitening your teeth after the braces process, teeth removal for braces and the cost involved.


The requirement of braces in children can be due to a number of reasons including, crooked teeth, crowding, overlapping teeth or bad bite, i.e. a case in which one of the jaws is bigger than the other. Often these problems might occur because of baby teeth lost soon, any accidents or injury or sometimes because of thumb sucking habits also. It is also reported that orthodontic problems are inherited and hence if someone in your family had braces, it is most probable that their kids will too.
It is recommended that a child should visit the dentist regularly from the age when permanent teeth start to arrive. In that case, the dentist can figure out any problems like crowding or irregular teeth and can start the treatment accordingly. It also gives the dentists ample time to treat. In addition, the jaw bones and teeth are also soft and under construction and hence it is easier to form them accordingly.
Generally most of the orthodontic problems of a kid can be solved by traditional braces, which are now available in many colours and shades making them attractive to the young ones. However, under some cases, a special functional appliance known as headgear might be administered to apply extra force on the back teeth. Dentist may also propose going for a teeth extraction in case there is no space to align the teeth.
Once the braces are fixed, the child should regularly visit the dentist to monitor the changes and for any other issues which they may feel. They will have to wear the braces for around a couple of years depending upon the severity of the case. After the braces, they might wear Retainers which help to keep the newly moved teth in place.
Caring for Braces in kids is also a tedious but very important task. Teeth should be brushed regularly after every meal and special kinds of brushes and flosses should be used. Regularly visit the dentist for any checkup regarding plaque formation and cavities. In case of pain or broken braces, an over the top pain reliever can be taken and specialized waxes can be applied over the braces and wires to get relieved form the sharp edges. However, if the problem persists, visit an orthodontist immediately.


It might be surprising for some, but the truth is you are never too old to get braces. If you never had an orthodontic treatment in childhood and you are facing problems like headache, tooth ache, gum diseases, crooked smile or jaw and ear pain, it might be the time to visit an orthodontist.

An adult goes through the same things as the kids using a braces but the time taken to achieve the results is slightly longer and there are some other things which should be kept in mind:

  • The bones are done growing in adults and hence some of the changes may not be possible without a surgery.
  • The entire process may take longer for you than for a child or adolescent, however it also varies from one person to another.
  • Before going with an orthodontic treatment do consult with a regular dentist and a periodontist so that there is no complications due to bone remodeling or bone loss.
  • Braces can affect pregnancy in females.
  • Any other underlying health issues shall also be discussed and kept care of.
  • Regardless of age, retainers must be worn after the treatment and in adults they could be recommended to be worn for their entire lives.


Orthodontic treatments are not one-size-fits-all treatment, they are different in each and every case as the mouth of each patient is different. Appropriating the time taken for the braces to treat an anomaly will depend upon a number of factors exclusive to that particular patient. Generally once the braces are put on, it requires anywhere between one to three years to take them off. After that also, there will be retainers which are generally worn for many years. However, one can always shorten that time by following the dentist’s advices and by opting for some accelerated procedures available in the market.

The time required for braces varies as per the following situations:

  • Type of treatment – Conventional Braces will take lesser time as compared to lingual or Invisalign braces.
  • Age – Young patients tend to achieve the results faster as their bones and teeth are still growing, soft and respond well to changes.
  • Severity of the case – Mild misalignment will always take less time as compared to overcrowding or under-bite and over-bite issues.
  • Patient Compliance – It also depends on how well does the patient takes care of the treatment including oral cleanliness, food habits, wearing of braces / retainers.


Braces are not just stuck on your teeth and wires drawn through, a thorough pre checkup is generally done in the first visit, which is necessary to plan the working of braces. In that first visit, the orthodontist will thoroughly examine the teeth, mouth, and jaw. He or she may also look for any problems in the jaw during chewing or swallowing or is there any clicking or popping of the jaw near the ear.

The dentist will take X-rays of the mouth to better understand the current laying positions of the teeth and are there any other teeth which might be stuck in the gums or are they coming out. He might also take a mold of your teeth and make a cast. Then he will decide on how to make your braces so that each tooth receives the required pressure and can be moved into its appropriate place.

Installation of braces is not a painful process, thanks to the immense technological advancement in the medical industry. However, in the following days, during the daily activities, it might feel uncomfortable. You may feel a dull throbbing or soreness for which you can take normal pain relievers.


Speaking in simpler terms, Braces work by applying a constant pressure on our teeth and thus moving them ever so gradually in the required position. The pressure or force is applied through archwire attached to the bracket which transfers the force to the teeth. Other than this general setup of braces, sometimes rubber bands or spacers or springs are added to gain more force on the particularly stubborn teeth.

Before getting on to the working, lets us get acquainted with the parts of braces and what role they play in getting us that perfect set of teeth.


These are the metal pieces which are stuck on your teeth to attach a wire to them and thus make it possible for pressure to be applied evenly. Depending upon the type of braces you choose, brackets are made up of ceramics, plastics or metal like stainless steel. They are applied to the teeth using glue.


It is the wire which goes through the brackets and joins each and every tooth in a chain which in turn applies the pressure on individual tooth. Archwires are available in a range of material from stainless steel to alloys of titanium with copper or nickel.


Generally used in most of the braces treatments, they are the colourful pieces of rubber which are joined to the brackets to apply additional forces on the jaw. They are sometimes also known as O-rings or ligatures.


Spacers are made of rubber bands or metal rings and are used to make space at the back of the mouth and pushing the jaw forward in case of a severe deformity of jaws.


These metal tubes are attached to the molar teeth at the back of the jaw. They anchor the other parts of the braces together and help tighten and release different parts of the braces.


Sometimes, to make spaces between two adjacent teeth or to apply pressure a coil spring is added on the archwire.

Working of wire

The orthodontist attaches the brackets to your teeth based on his pre-checkup cast and then inserts the wire through them, forming a metal chain. Important part here is the strategic placement of brackets on your teeth, and the tying of those brackets to the archwire.

In initial stages a narrow and flexible wire will be used to join the brackets. This will help your teeth to get acquainted with the new force and pressure and they will acclimatize to it and start moving in the required direction. As the teeth start to become straighter, thicker archwire is used to assert higher pressure on the teeth and align them in their proper position. Once they get close to their final position, the orthodontist makes calculated bends in the wire.

These bends are generally given to apply varying force on different teeth so as to move them in a certain same level. This may make the wire uneven across the teeth. Due to the bend, when the wire is flexed into the bracket, it wants to regain its normal shape due to which it provides the necessary force for teeth movement to begin. Twisted or turned tooth are corrected by applying bending forces only.

Bone Remodelling

Now we’ve seen how the braces work and how they apply pressure and force to align our teeth perfectly. But how do our teeth, which are one of the hardest part of our body, move? That is made possible because of a membrane which is present beneath the gums and joins our teeth to the jaw. This membrane is the one which controls the movement of the teeth when the pressure is applied.

The primary cause for this remodeling is the archwire itself, however there is a lot more going on than just a simple wire putting on pressure. When pressure is put on the tooth, two kinds of bone forming cells, known as osteoblasts and osteoclasts form around the tooth’s root. These cells create a push and a pull motion pressure on opposite sides of the tooth with the help of Archwire and thus helping the teeth “move”.

For example if a tooth is to be brought forward, the cells on the back of the tooth will push it and cells in the front will pull it. On the side with the negative pressure, the cells eat up the existing bone and on the side with positive pressure, a new bone is formed by the cells. The tooth slowly moves into the correct position as pressure is put on the tooth and the bone of the tooth and the jaw remodel themselves for the alignment.


The braces being used today are much smaller, comfortable and less obtrusive than those of the past. They use fewer brackets, wires are less noticeable and are more effective and efficient. Braces solve a variety of problems and come in various forms each having their own advantages.

The conventional metallic braces are economical, efficient and treat most severe of the problems. Ceramic braces are similarly effective and are drastically less noticeable. Linguistic braces are virtually invisible and can help you smile at your best even with braces. Invisalign are easy to use, removable and helps maintain optimal cleaning of the teeth during treatment.

You can learn more about different types of braces, age limit, foods to eat & avoid over here.

Other than these, Braces help solve more health issues like:

  • Straightening of teeth – helps the patient with dental problems as well as raises a confident smile.
  • Proper Alignment of teeth that are crooked.
  • Bringing the teeth closer and reducing the gap.
  • Spacing between crowding teeth.
  • Prevents chipping and overly worn teeth due to uneven jaws or over-bite and under-bite.
  • Prevents gum diseases by spacing the teeth properly and making space available for flossing and cleaning.
  • Prevents jaw-weakness and muscle pain resulting from misaligned teeth.

Having straight teeth and a properly aligned jaw can impact not only your appearance but your overall health. They are making your mouth easier to clean and care by spacing your teeth and correcting your bite. In the end, braces help us to live better and smile better.


One of the most important aspects after getting braces is how do you clean them? With a mesh of metal wires and brackets running around cramped spaces in your mouth, cleaning becomes increasingly difficult. However, bringing inn some constructive habits in your regular schedule will help you maintain the required Oral health.

Regularly brushing the teeth after meals will keep food from becoming stuck in the brackets or between the wires.Orthodontist may also recommend special floss which helps flossing between the teeth and wire and around the braces. Some special devices such as a Waterpikflosser and interdental toothbrush can be used to navigate around areas that are hard to clean like archwires and beneath brackets.
It is recommended that after wearing braces you should visit your dentist regularly within 6 months for thorough cleaning of your teeth and mouth.

Dentists round the world have also devised steps to follow while brushing your teeth regularly. It will help remove the plaque and germs from all around your mouth while keeping your gums and teeth healthy and braces pain-free.

  • Before brushing, rinse off your mouth with water so as to loosen any stuck food particles.
  • You should remove all the removable components from the braces like elastics and bands.
  • The wires and pins of the braces should be cleaned by keeping the brush at a 45-degree angle and moving around them.Brushing must be done starting from top side of the wire to its down side. Take your time and ensure you cover each part of the braces.
  • Brush your each tooth individually by moving your brush in circular motion at a 45-degree angle from gum line for 10 seconds with gentle pressure.
  • Braces may make your teeth sensitive, so use a specially formulated fluoride toothpaste which decreases sensitivity.
  • Make sure to brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth as well.
  • Floss every time you brush your teeth because the debris and particles stuck in between tooth will not be removed by brushing only.
  • Use approximately 18 inches of floss, wrapped around your fingers.
  • Gently feed the floss between the top of your tooth near the gum and the main arch wire of your bracket.
  • Use a gentle sawing motion on the side of each tooth.
  • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash after you’ve brushed and flossed.


Although the realignment has been done and your teeth are now as good as it gets, it is really necessary to care for them and keep them in their newly arrived place. If not they will not be adjusted to this movement and will move back to the original position, which is known as a Relapse.
That’s where a Retainer comes in. Retainers are kind of trays just like mouth pieces which are worn on the teeth to keep them from moving back in their original position. They can be sometimes fixed or removable depending upon the treatment and time.
After removing the braces it is likely for the teeth to get to old position as they are not feeling any force. To prevent them from doing so, Retainers are fixed or recommended and the patient wears them for several hours a day for the first six months and then only at night for years hence. It is a life-long commitment and the longer you wear your retainers the better are your chances of teeth staying healthy and perfect.
Although you can go without wearing any retainers for a day or few but consistently doing this will relapse your teeth. Retainers are very important as long as you want to your teeth to look the way they are after braces. Any carelessness in wearing the retainers may also start a braces treatment again.


Currently as with the braces, several retention options are available in the market. We will discuss them below:


A thin wire fixed to the back of your front teeth, from canine to canine tooth.The huge advantage is it’s fixed in place and hence there will be no movement of teeth. However, it is only useful for 6 upper front teeth and the rest are still free to move.

example of a person wearing clear retainers. treatment is available at vyom - the best dental clinic in ahmedabad.


Also called ‘Essix’ retainers, they are similar to the Invisalign trays as they are a cast which is produced based on your teeth mold. They are worn day and night for at least 3 months after the treatment.Their advantage is that they are removable and are easy to clean and use. They also provide coverage of all teeth. However, if not complied properly, teeth may get back to relapse.


They are removable retainers and are made up of a roof plate, clips for the back of the teeth and a wire for the front. It is firm, durable and also adjustable. But the plastic plate on the roof of the mouth is difficult to live with and the wire up front is not aesthetically pleasing.


The best of both worlds, the fixed ones are bonded permanently and the clear ones are worn only at night. Giving you ease of use, pleasing looks and low risk of relapse.


Braces wearing is no small thing. It costs time, money, our favourite foods, comfort and looks, confidence and what not. Even after the availability of variety of matching braces and coloured ones, teeth are not that attractive. And with all this comes instilling fear of teeth getting stained and the covered parts coming out different shades when the braces are removed.
It sometimes become really necessary to use teeth whitening products because with metals and wires attached for so long, cleaning is sometimes improper and some coloured food material like coffee, wine and turmeric tend to colourise our teeth from open areas. How can we do that during the treatment? If we opt for an after treatment remedy is it still workable? Questions like these are answered as follows:
If you had worn lingual braces or removable braces, whitening products will work much as they do for people without braces. However while or after applying whitening products you should not consider wearing any removable or invisible appliances since it can cause sensitivity or burning irritation.
With the conventional braces it is not at all suitable to use whitening products. Since in those, a part of teeth is covered with glue and bracket, the whitening product will not be effective on full teeth surface. However, there are some products available which keep the uncovered part of the teeth unstained and then can be useful for whitening once the braces are removed. Salt rinsing, baking soda brushing are some of the examples.
Using good fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes along with a regular brushing and flossing schedule will also help in keeping the tooth in up-to date condition.


Orthodontia: the field of work of an orthodontist, is the art of straightening and aligning the teeth. If the dentist notices that there is a problem or less space available for the manipulation, a tooth removal may be necessary.
In adults, the bone and teeth are formed very well and they cannot be moved to create space. The only ways are surgery or a tooth removal, the latter of which is feasible and easier. In addition, if the adult patient is getting braces for protrusion of front teeth, many a times it is a case that there are teeth at the back which do not allow the frontal teeth to go back. In that case, tooth removal is the only way out.
In children, the palates bone is still malleable and can be widened using extenders so as to make a space. However, even in children tooth extraction is sometimes necessary owing to other issues. When the child’s jaw development hasn’t met the speed of the tooth maturation, crowding occurs. Teeth twist into unusual positions so that they can accommodate all of the erupting teeth around them. Extractions are necessary in such cases. Apart from it when there is an impacted tooth, i.e. it is a permanent tooth that wants to come out but can’t because of presence of lower teeth, it is generally extracted and then aligned properly.


Generally the cost of braces, like any other medical technology, depends upon the area of service. In cities it would be costlier, rural areas will be comparatively cheaper. Also, it is at the sole discretion of the dentists. Orthodontic procedures are seldom covered under Insurance hence it is better to check the insurance before you opt for the service. However they sometimes do partially cover children under age 18. But will cover only if you start the procedure after the cool-down period of the insurance. In India, currently the average prices of the braces treatment are somewhere in the following range:

Metal/Conventional Braces

Ceramic Braces

Lingual Braces


– ₹ 18,000 – ₹ 35,000

– ₹ 30,000 – ₹ 55,000

– ₹ 72,000 – ₹ 1,90,000

– ₹ 60,000 and above

The above mentioned figures only cover the basic cost. The cost of the products used, visiting charges of dentist, medical expenses might be charged extra.


We at Vyom Orthodontics & Dental Care welcome feedback and are always looking to provide best of the service by creating great friendly atmosphere and usage of the modern innovative orthodental treatments.

Find out what our patients are saying.

Dr kalyani trivedi




Are you considering transforming your smile through braces? In this first part series, you will learn in which situation you need braces, the different types of dental braces available in the market and the correct age limit to wear teeth braces.

Gain knowledge about the food eating habits with braces to protect them from damage as well as reducing the risk of stained teeth.

You will also come to know about the types of food to eat and which types of food to avoid.


Your teeth might be crooked, crowded, twisted or having jaw malrelation or improper bite which may cause other problems, such as impaired plaque removal around misaligned teeth, which can lead to gum inflammation and cavities.Improper alignement of teeth sometimes may also hamper prononciation of certain sounds.It can also affect the chewing process,putting irregular and excesaive strain on muscles and may cause facial pain.

Braces are the only physiological(natural) and time-tested method to cure each and any of those imperfections. Braces straighten your teeth, so you are able to care for your teeth and gums more easily and improve your bite, so you can eat more comfortably. Your smile is made more beautiful too.

In short; Orthodontic treatment involving braces is done to correct the jaw position, straighten crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, close gaps between teeth, and correct the bite.


There are several types of braces available in the market, they have been developed keeping in mind the age of the patient, issues the patient has such as crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, overbite conditions etc. The braces are   exclusive: made specifically for the patient on case to case basis.

Depending upon the type of use, the Braces can be classified under 4 categories, which are:


  • Fixed Braces– The conventional non-removable braces made up of brackets that are fixed to each tooth and joined with wires
  • Removable Braces– Plastic plates that cover the roof of the mouth and clip on to some teeth; usable for very limited tooth movements
  • Functional Appliances– Pair of removable plastic braces that are joined together and fit on to the upper and lower teeth
  • Headgear– Not an orthodontic appliance itself, but can be used with other appliances and is usually worn at night


Fixed braces are the most common type of orthodontic braces, the one which we see generally. They are most useful and are suitable for wide range of dental problems like when a number of teeth need to be corrected or when the treatment needs to be precise. They are made of metal and are generally very noticeable.

There is no high care and treatment afterwards but it is recommended to use some selected foods only and avoid sugary and hard foods. Also, if you play any contact sport, gum shield should be used.


These types of braces are generally used for minor problems or to discourage children from habits like thumb sucking. They are also used as retainers after removal of fixed braces. As the name suggests they are removed  for cleaning, eating and other activities.


Functional Braces are used when jaws are growing disproportionately. They stimulate or control the growth of upper and lower jaw.This is a specialized treatment which should be best carried out in young children .


Headgear is a device worn usually to control excessive growth of upper jaw.The straps are tied at the back of skull for support hence the name.  They are used for few hours a day or while sleeping.


Generally, teeth at the back are used to support the movement of  front teeth. In cases where these teeth are unable to support, tiny screws are inserted in bone adjoining the teeth soe support; which are removed after their work is over. These screws are known as TADs or mini implants. This technique is widely used recently for efficient tooth movement.

Along with the ever-growing technological advancement in the medical industry, braces have also been developed to work efficiently while not affecting the aesthetics. Depending upon the same, they can be classified as: name.


The ever visible conventional braces generally constructed of very high quality stainless steel brackets and an arch wire which goes through the brackets  to apply  uniform force which moves the teeth in required fashion.


example of a patient wearing ceramic braces. treatment available at vyom dental care ahmedabad.

These kind of braces are made up of white ceramic wires and brackets which are as strong  as steel but are invisible on teeth and hence provide a, visually appealing, no braces look.


example of a patient wearing lingual braces. treatment is available at vyom dental care ahmedabad.

They are also known as inside braces since they are attached to the inside of teeth. They work similarly to metal braces with a wire and bracket but the pressure is applied on the inner surface and leaves the outer surface without any traces of metallic smile.


One of the most modern solutions in orthodontic issues. They are just like transparent mouth guard which athletes from combat sports, wear. They are efficient and comfortable as well. They are designed specifically for your teeth and help to move them gradually into place.Since they are removable trays, patient can eat and clean their teeth regularly as usual.


It is generally believed that Braces work only for kids and adolescents. However, you will be surprised to know that 1 in every 5 patients for orthodontic treatments is above 18 years of age.

Although, the ideal orthodontic treatment age limit to have braces is usually around 12 or 13 since at that time the teeth are not fully grown and bone formation is still under process.

American Association of Orthodontists recommend, an evaluation around 7 years of age so that the jaws and teeth are easily manipulated, and significant dental and/or skeletal issues can be corrected without aggressive treatment. Such Timely evaluation tends to result in faster, easier comprehensive treatment when they’re teenagers.

Many adults now require braces. As age advances, there are changes in jaw positions and arrangement of teeth.

For example, Decreased level of calcium in female patients may lead to development spaces between teeth. Poor or neglected oral hygiene also affects teeth alignment.

Many young adults have psychological issues due to an improper arrangement of teeth. For replacement of missing teeth, the adjoining teeth need to be in proper alignment.

Leading to address all these issues, more and more adults seek Braces treatment now a days.


The most common concern with braces is Food. Parents of young patients generally face problems with food habits and cleaning. This is due to the fact that Braces do require Dietary Changes. These changes are necessary for the following reasons:


Braces can be damaged with hard and chewy foods and hence it is recommended to eat soft food with braces. Breads, Cooked Veggies, Pulpy fruits can be eaten easily, however, hard and chewy foods like, nuts, chocolates and candy should be avoided.


Some Foods like Caramel, soft drinks have high colour and acids and thus can cause staining on teeth. These stains will be more visible after the removal of braces and hence should be avoided. Foods with sweeteners erode the enamel of teeth, making them yellow-ish and hence should be avoided.

Young patients should strictly be discouraged from chewing upon pencils or hard stuffs. Also nail biting should be avoided since these practices may damage the braces. The following table will give you a detailed idea of what to eat and what to avoid during braces











SOFT FRUIT(with no skin)

Boiled eggs
























dentist ahmedabad

Transparency in Medical Procedures

The medical industry is one of the most technologically advanced industry in the world. Billions of Dollars are spent each year in research to make astonishing advancements in medical studies. These research conclude with new procedures every now and then which are capable of fighting the disease more efficiently, in a less painful way for the patient and most importantly, in a cost effective way. Coping up with such huge advancements is tiring work for many and nearly impossible for the patients who are not acclimatized with the industry norms.

We at Vyom Dental Care, have gone through many years of training and professional experience to stay abreast with the technological advancements. As a Dentist, our clinic is equipped with the latest procedural equipment for diagnosing and care of patients. We are at the forefront of the field when it comes to transparency in our dental procedures.

Our basic approach is simplicity – The very first thing we do with our patients provides them with complete knowledge of the problem, the damage caused and the repairing procedures. When the patient knows the issue and is equipped with the latest information and tips, it is better for us to maintain trust and for him/her to take care of it in the upcoming future or healing period. We take utmost care in creating a comfortable and hygienic environment for our patients.

Vyom Dental Care insists its doctors and practitioners keep in touch with the ever evolving field of medicine and dentistry. All our machines are modern and up-to-date with the latest technologies so that we can maintain complete trust with our patients and fight the disease together. It is possible to eliminate the illness only if complete information is provided to the patient with the highest levels of transparency. Your search for the Best Dentist in Ahmedabad ends right here.



17 Dec 2018 Braces

Get 50% Discount on Invisalign® treatment in India

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Comfortable, clear and removable – These aligners are custom-made to suit individuals’ problems and expectations. Invisalign are composed of clear trats that are hardly visible. It means wearer of Invisalign®can smile more confidently. Invisalign treatment in Ahmedabad at Vyom Orthodontics & Dental Care transforms your smile without interfering with your daily life. Worldwide over 5 million people have straightened their teeth with invisalign aligners. Invisalign braces are always custom-made to suit individuals problems and expectations. The treatment helps rectifying dental issues like overbite, underbite, crowding, spacing, deep bite as well as open bite. Invisalign also reduces doctors’ appointments and gives result 2x faster compared to other aligner treatment.  At every stage, you’ll be able to see your progress and enjoy your smile as it transforms. Invisalign treatment is an exclusive treatment, very few orthodontists in India are certified to carry out this treatment. Dr. Kalyani Trivedi from Vyom Dental care – Paldi, Ahmedabad has received special training for this treatment of Invisalign braces.





  • Invisalign are practically invisible braces, while traditional orthodontic braces even if they are of ceramic material are visible and affect the appearance.
  • Cleaning braces takes more time than Invisalign, while Invisalign features removable trays. Easy to remove and wash.
  • If your child is a good sportsperson, Invisalign is a better option. If a ball hit on the mouth while you have braces, metal braces can cut your lips and may have some other injury.
  • You can have any food with Invisalign. Braces do not allow you to eat chew gums, sticky candy, hard candy, nuts, popcorn and many more…
  • With braces, oral health is a little bit complicated. At the same time, with Invisalign, you can brush and floss your teeth normally.
  • Braces are metal brackets which may irritate your cheeks and gums. While Invisalign material is smooth and transparent.
  • A great option for professionals who wants to correct their teeth in discreet. No need to hold your smile back covering mouth while facing certain social situations.
  • It is tried and tested by over 6 million patients over 15 years.


Visit 1

Orthodontic records including photographs (Face as well as teeth). Computerized scanning of the teeth.

Visit 2

Virtual treatment plan/progress will be shared. You will have an idea about the end result, total number of aligners and approximate time period.

Visit 3

Delivery of aligners



Every smile is unique, So the budget is..

Vyom Dental care is an authorized orthodontic treatment clinic of Invisalign. We are pleased to announce the most cost-effective Invisalign treatment compared to any other country. The typical price of Invisalign is higher than the braces. The approximate cost according to the manufacturer is Rs. 1,20,000 to 4,00,000. But at Vyom Dental care, the certified orthodontist from Invisalign provides this treatment at very affordable rates. Prices depend upon kind of alignment your teeth require and how many aligners you need throughout the treatment. At Vyom Dental care, You will get almost 50% cheaper costs than any other country. Do not stick to your town now, reach us now and save a big amount on your Invisalign treatment cost in India.

When you are feeling that Invisalign is the right treatment for you, you must choose the right orthodontist with a well equipped dental clinic for this treatment. A dental clinic not only thoroughly comfortable but also well equipped with the latest facilities. We at Vyom Dental care take great care in ensuring that you come to a good environment in the clinic which adheres to strict 7 level hygiene standards.  We keep ourselves updated with latest machinery and equipment for diagnosis and care.


Dr. Kalyani Trivedi of Vyom Dental Care - the best dentist in ahmedabad









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