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Possessing a sparkling smile can provide us high assurance in our social as well as professional world. Dental cosmetic treatments aid us in accomplishing this. Additionally, maintaining a well-balanced smile on your face means that all teeth are in good shape and great functionality. These factors help improve more conforming teeth and personal health. Today, the most common problems faced in terms of dental aesthetics are tooth decay, gum problems, dental blockages, complete or partial scarring of tooth fragments, and tooth stains. At Vyom Orthodontics & Dental Care, ​​we have dental aesthetic specialist in Ahmedabad who will personally evaluate your condition to implement appropriate dental grooming procedures.

What is the smile design?

The design of an attractive smile means studying the aesthetics of teeth, gums, and oral cavity, according to each individual’s qualities. It aims to enhance the size, position, form and colour of the teeth and assure that the correlation between teeth, gums and other facial elements such as the chin and nose remains cordial and proportionate. For undertaking this treatment, a photograph and smile design software is utilised to conduct extensive pre-study of the specific characteristics of the patient for later determining the results achieved. To fix the existing dissent with the teeth, the dentist will employ certain practices, such as installing a porcelain veneer on its surface. At another occasion, you can choose to whiten teeth, but this is usually not sufficient. Smile Design goes considerably one step further, incorporating orthodontal treatments and procedures intended at bettering the looks of the gums as well as teeth. Patients should recognise that smile design outcomes are not at once. However, the good news is  this process will last for a significant amount of time. Depending on the complexity of the condition, it may take longer. In either situation, you should also know that if you rely on highly experienced and qualified professionals like Dr Kalyani Trivedi, the result will be worthwhile and you will notice it’s remarkable difference whenever you smile.


  • Invisible / invisible braces: With the invisible treatment, we can fix the wrong location of one or more teeth, thereby achieving a steady and harmonious dental alignment.
  • Lingual aesthetics: It also enables us to correct certain dental problems using technology that is less noticeable on the face than the traditional braces. They are more or less the traditional metal braces, but their placement inside the teeth makes them almost invisible in the front.
  • Porcelain braces: Corrects the teeth’s condition with brackets of the identical color as the teeth, so they are not visible.
  • Dental veneer: Dental veneers are designed to correct minor aesthetic defects in some dental pieces.
  • Crown: an arrangement that enhances the people’s smile
  • Whitening of teeth: Among other reasons, a treatment method ensuring the return of the teeth to their original white color.

INVASIVE TECHNIQUES in Aesthetic Treatments

The aesthetic treatment provided by our dental clinic in Ahmedabad ensures the best outcomes in improving the appearance of teeth without harming your dental health. The use of non-invasive technology assures a stunning and, in particular, a healthful smile, which will help you feel secure while smiling.


Undeniably it is one of the foremost treatments of dental aesthetics. Due to smoking or excessive drinking of certain beverages (such as coffee or wine), several people have lost the original white shade of their teeth. That leads the teeth to reveal stains, presenting them with an embarrassing look. The teeth whitening treatment can be painless and restore the original appearance of teeth at a time. Subsequently, the patient should take care of this white tone by maintaining adequate hygiene.

Do you require a dental aesthetic treatment?

With the most advanced dental aesthetic techniques, you can wear the best smile beforehand. At Vyom Dental Care – Paldi, ​​we serve our patients with the best technology and expert professionals to provide you with the best smile design, always considering your oral health and minimal intervention in priority.

More and more individuals worry about the health of their teeth, mouth and their smile. That is the role of dental aesthetics. Apart from keeping our mouth healthy, it also helps to give us an attractive appearance. To that end, our dental clinic in Ahmedabad implements the modern technologies to assure that the results are according to the preferences of our patients. If you require further information about our treatment procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to help transform your smile.

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