Adult Orthodontic treatments in Ahmedabad

People of any age can undergo orthodontic treatment. Therefore, adults can rearrange and align their teeth like children and adolescents. Nowadays, as several adult patients require orthodontic treatment, it is not hard to guess why. For adult orthodontic treatments in Ahmedabad, braces have been developed that are almost invisible, providing a more considerate alternative for grown-ups. Adults also find that investing in a new smile can have enormous social and professional gains. Straightening teeth during the renewal process can be an essential part of raising self-esteem and morale.

Healthy teeth can shift at any age, so you will never be too old not to wear braces. However, adult treatment differs in two significant ways: Firstly, the adult jawbone has completed growth and development; therefore, the use of orthodontic accessories cannot elicit structural changes of the jaw bone.

Secondly, periodontal/gum disease is more common in grown-ups compared to the children. During the use of braces, the moderate force will act on the teeth so that they pivot around the bones enclosing the teeth. Periodontal wellness performs a leading role in all these aspects. If the gums are weak while undergoing the treatment, there are chances of bone loss, and the risk of prolonged tooth deterioration may increase. Hence, all gum related complications must be checked before undertaking the orthodontic treatment. For managing periodontal health, you need to ensure routine professional cleaning during orthodontic treatment and maintain decent oral hygiene at home.

Treatment Prerequisites

In order to carry out successful orthodontic treatment, whether, in a child or an adult, a clean and healthy mouth is a prime necessity.  Practicing proper brushing methods is also essential for any orthodontal treatment. Dental examination should be done before treatment begins to ensure there are no decays, gingivitis, or loosened teeth. Or else, these diseases should be reviewed before commencing the dental procedures.

Adult treatment techniques

In adults, you can use a metal or transparent bracket (Invisalign) glued together to the teeth and connected by the orthodontic arch through which the teeth are shifted. For making the treatment safer, special procedures can be employed, such as pasting the support brackets to the inner surface of the teeth, adjusting transparent aligners, etc. In an adult with a dental bridge connecting multiple teeth, an area the size of this sector cannot be moved until the dental bridge is cut. Teeth on the implant are also improbable to move. To deal with the most severe cases, surgical techniques may be combined with treatment to revive the jaw’s correct position.

Mini-screws and mini-implants

In some cases, for ease of treatment, small screws or implants may be placed to use a sturdier fixture for moving the teeth more efficiently. At the end of treatment, these small screws or mini implants are removed.

Adult orthodontic treatment benefits

In adulthood, grown-ups who consult orthodontists to transform their teeth do so for cosmetic purposes. At any period, enhancing a smile is a problem. If the aesthetic purpose is imminent, then it is crucial to determine the appropriate function of the teeth unit: evenly adjusted teeth help brush your teeth better, thus restricting the formation of tartar and cavities in the teeth.

In brief, through summarization, we can discover the adult orthodontic treatment advantages as follows:

  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Get the smile on your face you’ve always desired
  • Improves bite, chews while eating, and fewer tooth deterioration
  • Helps preserve oral health and avoid tooth decay, gingivitis or periodontitis
  • There is no loss of aesthetics during treatment as discreet orthodontic treatment solutions for adults are also available making it less noticeable
  • Orthodontic treatment for adults offers various options as per the prices.

Today, the field of orthodontics has significantly advanced, offering many features and benefits. But most importantly, it provides highly competent outcomes.

Thus, if you are deciding the opportunity of considering orthodontic treatment, with the help of our consultation, you will know which is best for you and how long it will take to transform your look. Every teeth alignment and bite difficulties have an answer. After treatment, you will find that your quality of life has vastly improved.

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